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Masturbating just before sex to make sure you last as long as possible.
I was almost jizzin in my pants when she was grindin on me in club, so I had to have a quick tactical wank in the toilet before I nailed her.
by I P4P4MURF I February 13, 2011
A term you don't want to hear whilst having sex.
Guy: Ohhh baby, ohhhh yess!

Girl: *sigh* Hurry Up...
by I P4P4MURF I March 05, 2010
Falls on 4th of May every year because of how much 'May the fourth' sounds like 'may the force'.
It is a day in which everyone watches and appreciates each and every Star Wars film.
Happy Star Wars Day!
Ahh, why thank you! May the fourth be with you.
And also with you.
by I P4P4MURF I May 04, 2010
Running fast.
I was giving it legs on my way home so I didn't miss the game.
by I P4P4MURF I February 07, 2011
Someone who, as a result of botox or just bad luck, looks like a duck.
After the botox in her shlips backfired, Lesley officially became duckalike.
by I P4P4MURF I February 04, 2010
Male masturbation which involves putting a banana skin in the microwave for 10 seconds, putting your shlong inside it and jacking off.
Dick was feeling adventurous so he decided to have a Hobo Wank.
by I P4P4MURF I July 25, 2010
Used to describe a person who is slug-ugly.
Guy 1: DUDE! Have you seen that girl!?
Guy 2: Yeahh, I know, she's slugly isn't she..
by I P4P4MURF I July 25, 2010
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