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A person that goes around and 'attaches' themself to a person and piles on the affection and attention until they feel satisfied that the person really likes them in return. Once that happens, the person inexplicably moves on to the next 'target' nearly instantly and begins the cycle all over, leaving the last 'victim' confused and maybe a little hurt. These people feel like they're not popular enough and/or need more attention and this social vampirism is their defensive mechanism.
She is such a social vampire; she like just stopped talking to this guy almost overnight and started talking to someone else.
by I Am Jack's User ID December 22, 2005
Items given by movie studios or other corporations to ensure a positive review of one of their products. These can be in the form of anything from all expense paid trips to sets or locations to expensive items to money simply stuffed into envelopes. Also see Harry Knowles.
I luv pwesents! So send me a pwesent and I'll be sure to give your movie a positive review like I did for Godzilla!
by I Am Jack's User ID December 04, 2005

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