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An RTS (real-time strategy) game for the PC made by Relic Entertainment and Microsoft Games. Unlike other RTS titles, Impossible Creatures (or IC) requires you to make your own units with the army builder. The object of the game is to destroy the enemy's lab. In the original game, you get 50 creatures to mix parts with. However, there are many mods that add new creatures, Add-ons, maps, and abilities. The most popular mod currently is Creature Chaos, created by Revan and Doggiedoodle, who are administrators of the Impossible Creatures Hive community.

Some time ago, Microsoft Games took down the multi-player server for Impossible Creatures, however, another member of the Impossible Creatures Hive community, Dengus, has revived the IC Online service.
1. Impossible Creatures is the best RTS ever!
2. Have you ever played Impossible Creatures?
by I AM NOT A TUBA PLAYER November 28, 2009
A title coal miners give to people who they deem to be extremely irritating and/or annoying. However, many coal miners use this term to describe their friends.
1. You, sir, are a pappyflap.
2. How's it going, pappyflap?
3. You're a pappyflap!
by I AM NOT A TUBA PLAYER November 26, 2009
An acronym which stands for, "Mate, what the fuck are you (RU) on about????" It originates from the Impossible Creatures Hive forums.
Person 1: Hello, do you prefer flapjacks or french toast when you are in the coal mine?

Person 2: MWTFRUOA
by I AM NOT A TUBA PLAYER June 15, 2010
The erect penis of a male (hopefully) human being used, primarily, for coal mining. Size does not matter.
Guy: Man, I just got a whupping stick.
Girl: Want to come mine my coal with it?
by I AM NOT A TUBA PLAYER March 15, 2010

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