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Dead Good is when something is so utterly awesome that never having experienced it would cause one to die, or something equally wonderful that merely witnessing or experiencing it would cause one to cease living.Also see awesome, kick ass and the shit
Oh my god, Cute Is What We Aim For is so dead good!
#dead. good #dead good #awesome #kick ass #fuckin a
by I AM BEHIND YOU September 11, 2006
D1: A lonely, Emo pinecone that is at least five feet away from any other pinecones.
D2: Also an exclamation used to break awkward slences, ending in a small fit of maniacal laughter (usually by the same person who screamed it)
D1: HEY!!! Look at all those Emocones!
D2: *awkward silence when hanging out with one's friends*

Cool Person: EMOCONE!!!
Friend: What the hell?!
*dies from insane laughter while a large amount of blood flows from their mouth*
#cone #pinecone #emo #emosexual #funny
by I AM BEHIND YOU September 11, 2006
Thinking that only emo girls are hot.
Howie is such an emosexual
#emo #music #sex #emosexual #stuff
by I AM BEHIND YOU September 10, 2006
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