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A Hiroshima style nuclear wipeout of all the, well... n***as that is referred to in the hood movie parody film 'Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood'
Loc Dog: Do. We. Have. A. Prollem? go on I'mma create a nuclear holocaust up in here fool
Toothpick: Go! Go!
Loc Dog: It gon' be Hiroshima and Niggasaki!!
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] April 03, 2011
Closer than your, homie, homedog, or your homes. Means friend.
Craig: Are you makin dem dollas home skillet biscuit?
Friend: YAYUR! I'm getting paid homeslice.
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] February 01, 2011
When someone or a large group of people start buying Blackberries, or talking about em...
BB Fangirl: Got my new BB at Xmas
Normal Person: Right.
BB Fangirl: It's amazing! I wanted the pink bold but they only had the black one, and I can get on BBM and Facebook..
Normal Person: Sounds like someone's on that BB Hype *yawns*
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] January 18, 2011
Doing something extremely pointless, such as winding the local hardman up, purely because you can and it gives you a laugh.
Donny: Why'd you do that Alan you gremlin?
Alan: I was doin it for bare lulz!

lulz lols LOL gremlins
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] January 05, 2011
When someone has a racist or homophobic possibly drunken rant (like Mel Gibson's many racist or homophobic rants), making you want punch them.
Teddy: Sorry I can't dance it's cos I'm not a faggot!
You: Huh?! doing a Mel Gibson UGH! *PUNCH*

Sheena: Eww you're such a dirty jew!
You: Huh?! doing a Mel Gibson UGH! *PUNCH*
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] January 25, 2011
"A sick arse place full of badmanz" according to most Chavs. The motherland if you will to badmans.
Aidan: Ay homeslice where ya from?
Boy: Umm... Toxteth.
Aidan: *radio silence* *single gunshot* You ain't from Badmanistan..
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] February 01, 2011
To be stupid or irritating, which is unfortunate as the people who use this word are stupid/irritating as they use this word incorrectly, thus giving it a different meaning.
Shola: *invariably stupid comment*
Whitney: *proves Shola wrong*
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] August 14, 2011
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