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11 definitions by Hypo

when browsing the intarwebs for information or opening a file on your computer and the link is slow: when you click on it, you begin to click multiple times over and over and over thinking that it will make the hourglass go away and bring up the program/website faster.
IT guy: Dude, that lady over in HR is at it again, she thinks that the network is down because she can't open her 500meg word document full of pictures and links. When I got to her desk she was clicking away faster than someone playing Halo.

IT Mgr: That right there is the definition of Clickerella.
by Hypo October 23, 2009
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Spreading of rumors, infections, truths and lies by telling at least two other people, based on the 1970's <?> advertising scheme.
Jeremy's friend: Amy's got such a fine ass.
Joey: But you've never even SEEN her ass! How do you know?
Jeremy's friend: DUDE!!! The way you two talk about her, how could I possiby NOT KNOW?!! You totally used the Clairol Effect on that story man!!!
by Hypo January 26, 2006
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when it means so much you can't define it with words, your mind blanks, you can't explain WHY... it just IS.
There were so many reasons why I love her that I couldn't even begin to recite them to her... all I could manage was "for cuz."
by Hypo May 07, 2004
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Taken from the military term for aircraft hitting the deck on a carrier and taking back off again. When your head starts bobbing from sleep deprivation. Your eyes are heavy, your head drops and you jerk awake suddenly and your head pops back up and you look around to see if anyone could tell you were asleep. Also called four-wheeling
I was sitting in advanced algebra and the room was hot, and I was still hung from the night before, I couldn't keep my eyes open at all! I was doing touch and go's the whole time, I missed the lesson.
by Hypo February 06, 2006
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