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slang, hypodermic injection. syringe, needle, or both. a small syringe used with a sterile needle for injection of material under the skin. im, iv..
"i filled the hypo up and stick it into the arm"
by hypo March 17, 2005
Usually uttered by a very pissed off NCO when informed of something unsat(isfactory). A lengthened version of STAND BY, meaning to await further instructions, in this phrase, that person told to stand by better be trembling in their boots, have their shit squared away, locked and cocked and waiting for an asschewing.
"You better make sure that head (bathroom) is clean and the Gunny likes it or you can Stand the fuck by on getting out of here this weekend."

"No, sir."
by Hypo January 27, 2006
a. When someones jaw muscles are sore from giving blowjobs all day long they get cramped up and their mouth hangs open without showing any teeth.

b. When someones mouth is open forming a perfect O, showing little or no teeth.
Dude, shut your mouth man, you look like you got a blowjob cramp!

Shuttup man, did you just see that girl? she was HOT!!!

yeah, but she saw your mouth open and kept on going didn't she?
by hypo April 17, 2008
A motivational urging. Usually in FPS games such as counterstrike when players aren't following the object of the game and wasting everyones time.
Ir1337Hoser is such a llama. All he does is camp spawn. He needs to PITFU.
by Hypo May 08, 2004
a self explanatory command preparing you to get mounted. If you have lube, I'd suggest you use it.
BOHICA baby... damn! Every time you turn around someone else wants a piece of you! Just bend over and smile like a donut!
by Hypo October 28, 2009
When a new-hire wins the company raffle for any prize (preferably a new tablet or ipad).
My wife totally pulled a Marcus the other day. At the end of her interview for the job, she agreed to work for the company and signed up for the raffle for the new kindle and WON IT!

Marc totally pulled a Marcus at the company summer picnic when he won the Ipad this summer. (pulling a marcus)
by hypo November 18, 2011
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