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Misspelling of "to" immortalized by American professional StarCraft player Greg "IdrA" Fields in a bad mannered denunciation of an opponent to whom he had just lost a game.
you're really good at making carriers
very useful talent toi have
by hunterx11 October 21, 2009
A derisive term for an ardent Obama supporter. The long form is "Baquack Obamailure" which may also refer to Obama himself. cf. Obamatar
Watch as the Obamailures scurry to rationalize Obama's vote for the FISA bill that gives immunity to telecom companies!
by HunterX11 July 29, 2008
Green guys are your teammates in a Call of Duty game who are not part of your party: they show up as green triangles on the minimap, as opposed to party members who show up as blue triangles. In other words, green guys are pubbies who are probably useless if not actually a liability to you.
Fucking green guys keep following me around and getting me killed!
by hunterx11 November 16, 2011

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