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1) A lower-class individual who, through pure determination, rises from their unfortunate circumstances to better themselves and create something amazing, be it physical or abstract.

2) A poor uneducated individual who seeks to end their ignorance through acquisition of knowledge.
"You see that guy selling oranges by the freeway? He smells like shit and he's dirty as fuck, I would never buy oranges off him"
"C'mon man you gotta give it to him, he may be garbage, but he's Hungry garbage, hungry for that cash."


"He may be homeless and hungry literally, but he's starving metaphorically, starving for that knowledge, like some kind of Hungry Garbage"
by HungryGarbage November 30, 2011
When you take a perfect shit that splashes water on your butt hole and cleans it like a bidet.
"Babe, there's no more toilet paper left"
"Try to take a poodet honey"


"Man I was running late to work but I had to stop to use the restroom before I shit myself. Luckily it was a quick poodet and I made it to work on time."
by HungryGarbage November 21, 2013

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