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1: An insult, usually used to express distain of an act thought to be stupid. (Possibly a modicifaction of the word "dummkopf" meaning "fool" in German.)
2: A man who is all brawn and no brain, primarily used for sex and heavy lifting.
1: "Why'd you have to go and shoot that guy ya' Dumb Cock!!!"

2: (Shirly) "What DO you see in brad? He is SOOO dull!"
(Ashley) "I know but he fucks like a pro... Yeah, he's my big Dumb Cock..."
by HungLikeAChicken March 12, 2009
1: The overwhelming sense of pain experienced shortly after the initial injury is inflicted.
2: A Phrase spoken by someone who is experiencing the feelings described in definition 1.
(John) "Kidney punch!!!"
(Mike)"Ouch that kinda hurt... (Waits for a second) Holy shit balls, AFTERHURT!!! (Rolls on floor making hissing sounds and incoherent strings of profanities whilst Mike laughs hysterically.)
by HungLikeAChicken March 12, 2009

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