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Literally meaning "stupid head" used to describe someone being an idiot. Usually in a teasing manner.
Origin: German
You slipped on a banana you dummkopf!
by SunBurnedWagaloo June 02, 2005
A stupid person; a dolt.
Dummkopf here stinks like a dead monkey because he forgot to wipe his butt again.
by mangus May 18, 2004
Literally, "dumb head," in German. Used often humorously in English, and can be used in the same context as 'dumbass.' It's an insult that, chances are, not many folks will fully understand. Oh well, who cares? It still is a fun word to say!
Me: So, did you take a look at the newest Family Guy episode?

Idiot Friend: Uh...what?

Me: The new episode, dummkopf!

Idiot Friend: Say what?

Me: (Groans) At least I'm not calling you a schweinhund!

Idiot Friend: Lol, you say funny words.
by Practical Problems March 05, 2014
Dummkopf is a German compound word for "Idiot". It's literate translation is "Dumb Head" or "Stupid Head".
"Did you hear about what happened after Han downed a whole Liter of Jagermeister last night?"

"Ja. Han ist eine Dummkopf"
(Yes. Han is an idiot.)
by McHammered111 October 07, 2013
Dummkopf (doom-cough)- language from germany means idiot, stupid, retarded.
"man jimmy your such a Dummkopf!."
by Cheeky_monkey353 September 13, 2011
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