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Expresses extensive emotional satisfaction or glorification of any given noun. Often used by those who lack the vocabulary to express the true essence of the situation.
Other meanings: Shit, fecies, poo, doodoo, dung, crap and excrement.

Shiznit can also be used interjectionally.

Generally "shiznit" can be seen as a last resort when all other means of expression fail.
Shiznit! That whip is the absolute and utter shiznit!
by Humpty Dizzle February 21, 2005
This is an abbreviation for: "You Suck At Life"
Hey Dexter! YSAL! You (really) Suck At Life! And you smell like poo too!
by Humpty Dizzle February 02, 2006
In reality, the word shiznit has absolutely nothing to do with shit; this is a common misconception.

In reality, shiznit, is the contracted form of "She's neat!"
Snap! Look at that fly hoe! Shiznit!
Translation: Darn! Look at that attractive girl! She's neat!
by Humpty Dizzle March 02, 2005
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