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(n) Acronym for "watersports" or sexual contact involving pee or urine
Whoa that kinky bitch is into scat, ws, you name it!
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003
a bondage item that consists of a ball on a rope that is shoved into the victim's mouth and tied tight. Supposedly it's more effective at muffling yells.
In your mom's closet I found three lengths of rope, some handcuffs, and a ball gag, with bitemarks in it.
by Hugh Jass February 07, 2003
a vegetarian person.
Dammit, man- I was going to have a barbeque but all my friends went veggie.
by Hugh Jass February 07, 2003
A damn corprate company that minipulates teenage kids into buying their crappy stuff and pop cds. The only good shows ever on mtv were beavis and butt-head, the tom green show, Jackass, and celebertie deathmatch.
Mtv destroys music
by Hugh Jass July 13, 2003
a g-string for a fat lass
your mum wears a g-rope
by hugh jass September 23, 2003
to let a silent but really odiferous fart.
Don't go in that office, man- Clint just dropped ass.
by Hugh Jass February 07, 2003
for times when 'damn' just doesn't cut it. The expression just doesn't give off the appropriate feeling
He showed me how to kill a man with my bare hands and I was like damb bih'
by Hugh Jass July 29, 2003
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