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The only word in the english language that is referred to as the "F" word. Comes from the german word freichen (pronounced: Fry-kin) which means "To Strike". Urbanly has various Definitions: As a transitive verb, pain, pleasure, hate and love. Is also a Transitive verb, Intransitive verb, Ajective, Parts of an adverb, Adverb inhancing an ajective, Noun, Parts of words, almost every word in a sentence, Describes the words fraud, dismay, trouble, Difficulty, Inquiry, Dissatisfaction, Incompetence and dismissal.
Transitive verb: John f ucked Shirley. Intrasitive verb: Shirley f ucks. Adjectvie: John is doing all the f ucking work. Part of an adverb: Shirley talks to f ucking much. Adverb inhancing an ajective: Shirley is f ucking beautiful. A noun: I dont give a f uck. As part of a word: Abso-f ucking-lutely or in-f ucking-credible. As almost every word in a sentence: F uck the f ucking f uckers. Fraud: I got f ucked at the used car lot. Dismay: Aw, f uck it. Trouble: I guess I'm really f ucked now. Agression: Don't f uck with me, buddy. Difficulty: I don't understand this f ucking question. Inquiry: Who the f uck was that? Dissatisfaction: I don't like what the f uck is going on here. Incompetence: He's a f uck off. Dismissal: Why don't you go outside and play go f uck yourself.
by Hugh G. Rekshon November 17, 2007
GRO means Guest Relations Officer and it is a term used only in the Philippines. GRO's are Prostitutes that are employed by Hotels. They are sometimes advertised on little folding cards that the hotel leaves in the room. These cards will often say that in room massage service is available. It is understood that this for an in room prostitute or GRO.
I stayed in the Manila Hotel in the Philippines and I called the front desk and requested a GRO to come to my room.
by Hugh G. Rekshon August 29, 2014
A Homo-Sexual who like giving anal sex and not getting it.
Jody doesn't like to take it he only gives it, that Caboose Robber!
by Hugh G. Rekshon August 21, 2009
Stands for "Shit, Motherfucker"! This is ususally used to decribe extreme pain or displeasure.
Shi-Mo-Fo Butter and Bread be fuckin' me up to the bones!
by Hugh G. Rekshon November 24, 2007
When a black man dates or marries a non black woman.
Oh look, there is Toby and Debbie. A felony in progress!
by Hugh G. Rekshon June 15, 2011
When some has anal sex and farts.
When I fucked that person in the ass, they were paying the piper!
by Hugh G. Rekshon February 03, 2009
Noun; A marijuana cigarette that has been in your back pocket so long that it is flat.
I am kicking back illing with a Flat Spliff.
by Hugh G. Rekshon August 29, 2014

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