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67 definitions by Hugh G Rection

To take a long-needed crap.
Applies only when healthy, large and consistent turds are expected, accompanied with an emphatic accolade of farts.
Does not apply to limp-wristed quiche diarrheas.
Ladies, will you please excuse me? I'm going to free Willy.

If you don´t eat your All-Bran, you won´t be able to free Willy!
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
97 90
A jumbo-sized turd.
As oppossed to fries, which are tiny skinny turdies.
Ahhhh... I just plopped a quarter-pounder burger with some fries... must be last night's pizza...
by Hugh G Rection September 18, 2003
63 62
Original Suba Rocket.
ME:My Leone layed a 10.4 down the quarter!
DUDE:Thats hardcore pimp!
by Hugh G Rection October 19, 2003
22 26
that's when u got such a large cock you go about dragging it on the floor.
Also known as a mopwanger.
Make way... make way... mopwanger passing thru... doncha dare to step on it, or you can get mopbanged!
by Hugh G Rection October 30, 2003
30 37
Jamaica's finest.
Im goin' to Mo Bay on a ganja vacation mon...
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
130 148
when you pick your wife up from bingo and you shove the bingo dabber in her ass and she screams BINGO!
i picked up a hottie from arts and gave her a hot roger!
by Hugh G Rection December 10, 2004
3 22
The toughest fucking gang to ever take to the streets. www.geocites.com/eph_unit
Damn dogg these f-unit gangstas stomped my head in last night.
by Hugh G Rection April 08, 2005
18 38