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a wrongly spelt name for "Chow mien" which means fried noodles. Pronounced like "chao mien" Usually used and spoken by english speakers or non-chinese speakers.
Shane: Let's get some chow mein!
Xiangji: It's Chow Mien, u fucktard!!!
#chow mein #fried noodles #mi goreng #gorengan #cha mi
by Huang April 16, 2007

used to described native or local indonesians who are racist towards non-native indonesians (usually Chinese indonesians) because the locals are so lazy, non-productive, jealous, poor and Chinese are richer than most of the locals.

Only used in Indonesia.
+ native indonesian: "go away u fucking chinese!!!'
+ chinese indonesian:" what an indocist!"

#racist #indonesia #indonesian #native indonesian #local indonesian
by Huang April 16, 2007
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