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Emo's are people that actually hope that other people are making it very well. They arent afraid to express when they are having a bad day or a good day, unlike many people who are fixed on being happy 24/7 365 days a year and dont cry when a their mom or brother dies, or smiles when someone is murdered and then go and date OJ Simpson or Phil Spector, or some pimpish whorrish bastard. No emos arent built like that, they wont date or marry anyone just for money or fame or power, they wont marry someone who has supermodel looks if they dont have a good heart and soul, because they have very good hearts and souls not the oppisite as may people these days such as ones who leave nast comments on this forum. Yes Emos cry when they loose loved ones sorry to admit that, I know that is horrendous. Emos arent afraid to express their "emotions" such as when they are angry sad insane happy, thankful, hateful loving ect, they dont get turn their own pain and suffering in life into power, with a good kind of -anger. Many Emos who realize there are really evil people in the world so they have developed many self defense fighting tactics such as the "Dim Mak" and thats why they carry a gun just in case they have to save a life of other people including his/her own life. So in those respects they should be regarded as heros and Gods people, and everyone should highly love and respect them, if tehy dont want burn in hell.
One day there was an emo walking down the city street and saw 2 men trying to kidnapp a precious little girl and boy away from their Mother, so the emo ran after the kidnappers and shot them both dead and it made em all famous!:)

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