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9 definitions by How it is

n. (collective)
1. Springing from the lifeform that was the lowly Traffic Warden, these Council driven Plightfiddlers go around with an excessive desire to become Hitler. Worse cases are found in Plymouth, UK.
2. Cunts
"I can't stand their (Parking Attendants) pumptious, cunt-like attitude. They're all a bunch of plightfiddlers! I bet they're all McWabblers! Gits." TRH Tony Blair, Member of Parliament for Sedgefield, circa 1997
by How it is April 06, 2005
7 3
1. A person who deals with the sale and purchase of battery hens and cockerels.
2. Someone who annoys you so much, you decide to spread random rumours about them illiciting sexual favours, including sucking cock
3. An insult slightly less offensive to the general public than cunt or fuckwit.
Person "My my! That Dave Ankers is a right cockmerchant"
Person 2 "Fuck off you pumptious cunt"
by How it is April 08, 2005
2 0
1. A strong desire for strange grey mounds, not unlike a badger, on the side of your head.
2. A small town in Scotland
3. A haircut for a pumpcious cunt
Wife "My look Arthur. That man has a right badgermould going on!"
Arthur "Why, that's André from Full Speed Alone!"
Wife "Oh yes. What a pumpcious cockmerchant"
by How it is April 07, 2005
3 1
1. Taken from the Norsk word Pligfleck, which mean to masturbate violently. The meaning of this word is a connundrum of people who fail to grow out of obsessions with FHM and graduate to soft porn.
2. Cunt
"For christ's sake! Rob, Paul and Shaun are such Plightfiddlers!"
by How it is April 06, 2005
3 2
1. Attempting to attract the desires of male suitors.
2. Being of an easy persuasion in regards to entering sexual intercourse with men
3. Cunt
"Christ that Luke McGowan is really pumptious today" or
"I don't mind Rob Gray, he's just far too pumptious"
by How it is April 06, 2005
2 2
1. Similar to the meaning of polish or ploish, which means 'person who lives in poland', 'strange character's nickname in a brit gangster flick' or 'cunt'. This was originally a misspelling, but when time, blunt ignornace and stubborness are mixed they are unstoppable.
2. An excessor for the word cunt
"Well I'm sorry Luke (McGowan), but you just can't plosih a turd. Or indeed ploish a turd. Or polish one."
by How it is April 06, 2005
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1. Lack of skill when utilising the mouth. Lacking mental skill or adroitness. Done without dextirity.
2. Cunt
"In the 1950s, a young Luke McGowan learnt that opening his 'top-hole' only went to prove that he was a McWabbler. Oh, and a bit of a cunt, as let's be honset, you can't plosih a turd"
by How it is April 06, 2005
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