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Someone who loves music and has lots of hair on his or her head.
"Did you see that guy at the show lastnight with the crazy hair?"
"McGowan For sure"
by Mary07 May 08, 2008
a person who needs constant supervision after consumption of a small amount of alcohol or marijuana
look at that cunt being sick after 3 pints, he's such a mc gowan
by johnny ryall November 30, 2003
person who drinks and skanks excessively
"mc gowan skanked all night after downing a quarter bottle"
by skane November 29, 2003
typically refering to a group of outrageous hormone drivin alcoholic females
walking around the street screaming violently and making obserd noises like a dying camel::MCGOWAN::
by Juicy Julie April 19, 2009

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