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Overall its a justifiable excuse for when you do something completely amazing or really stupid. From passing an exam to accidental setting your house on fire due to the fact that you didn't catch that last flaming chainsaw.
Example 1

Guy 1: "Dude how did you score with mandy last night?"

Guy 2: "Because I'm Batman!!"

Example 2

Officer: "Sir do you know how fast you were going?"

Guy 3: "It doesn't matter how fast I was going because I'm Batman!!!"
#batman #superhero #comic #dc #vigilante
by Hourglass Mage May 05, 2011
A funny yet true word to think of on the spot when talking about how dead a person is or looks. Used in TFS Dragon Ball Z: Abridged Parody Episode 8 made by Team Four Star.
"Mr. Kent if you had one word to describe how dead that person is what would it be?"

#death #rigor mortis #decay #dying #expireing
by Hourglass Mage June 21, 2009
The polite business way of telling someone that their idea is crap and has already been thought of.
Jeff: "Boss I have a great idea that can improve sales!!!"

Boss: "Its been done Jeff, I suggest you start looking for another place of employment."
#exist #be #make #do #through
by Hourglass Mage May 29, 2010
Usually mario style four player games fall into this category. Basically it means a videogame where you can usually screw over your friends by killing them or getting a large amount of points in a short time.
Regis- "This why I don't play with you guys when it comes to these friend breaker games." As she watched tom playing as mario throw her character off a cliff before the finish line.

Tom- "These things things just happen you know. And I owe you for using me as a jump platform to escape the lava.
#friends #games #team #co-op #fightng
by Hourglass Mage July 11, 2011
A term or curse you can use while playing videogames when you are unsure whether the next door or dungeon contains a large amount of enemies or a very large and difficult boss battle.
Bloody hell finding Kisses Army in this dungeon and I don't have enough potion.
#videogame #band #kiss #shooters #rpg's
by Hourglass Mage April 21, 2011
A Douchebag in training. Someone who is learning the trade of being a Douchebag.
"Dude what's his problem?"-Guy 1

"Oh, he's just currently a Apprentice Douchebag."-Guy 2
#jerk #asshole #jackass #douchebag #dick
by Hourglass Mage November 11, 2011
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