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3 definitions by Houndz

(n.) the appearence of the toilet after pissing out your asshole (Poya), as a direct result of eating mexician food.
I would have to admit that I turned the toilet into a fiesta bowl after eating that chile relleno.

by Houndz August 22, 2007
26 14
(v.) To ejaculate with an unusual force. Tribing- The act of ejaculating in orgasm.
I'm tribing all over your face. Tribe on my ass. Hold me... I'm gonna TRIBE!!!
by Houndz August 15, 2007
48 36
(n.) semen, sperm, cum... etc. that is shared with another person which has mythical energy.
Give me your lifeforce. You've got my lifeforce all over your face. Let me have your lifeforce inside me.
by Houndz August 15, 2007
20 8