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8 definitions by HoserHoe

1. A very nerdy person on the outside, but to be crazy cool and great in bed.
2. the act of being a nerdy person, yet cool and great in bed.
3. Someone who is attracted to a nerdy person in the hopes that they will be crazy cool and great in bed.
4. The act of seeking out nerdy people of the opposite sex in hopes that they are cool and great in bed.
1. That chick is such a Velma.
2. I know those girls velma.
3. That dude is one horny Velma.
4. That guy is going to velma tonight. He is totally on the prowl already.
by HoserHoe November 10, 2004
1. When someone is giving pleasure to the greatest number of possible participants. This is usually four for men (a blowjob, two handjobs, and anal)and five for women (a blowjob, two handjobs, vaginal, and anal).
2. Feeling overwhelmed by the number of simultaneous sex partners.
1. Last night, George was the fulcrum in a full junction.
2. God, I am at full junction, I cannot have another penis in me for at least a week.
by HoserHoe December 05, 2004
To surprising grab and hold a strong grip on the ass of another man in a sexual manner.
We were walking along when he bunted me. He didn't let go until he had gotten my pants off.
by HoserHoe November 10, 2004
1. An ass.
2. To have anal sex.
3. To fall asleep with someone's face next to your bare ass.
1. Wow, that is one back door I want to grab.
2. We went back to his apartment and he back doored me.
3. I woke up to realize we had been back dooring it all night.
by HoserHoe November 11, 2004
To be pleasuring two male organs either orally or anally at the same time.
When Eric and Brian came over, I gave them them a "double dip" and then we proceeded do some "muni" until I came.
by HoserHoe November 10, 2004
Being in the center of a sexual act. Coming from its more convental use in leverage and physics.
Rachel gave head to Tom and did missionary to Rich, she was the fulcrum between them.
by HoserHoe December 05, 2004
To insert the penis into either, the vagina, the mouth, or the anus and spin one's self in either a clockwise or counterclockwise manner.
We did some thrusting and achieved climax when we "stirred".
by HoserHoe November 10, 2004