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Winkus - (n.) 1. A winking anus; the rapidly fluctuating aperture of an anus in turmoil. 2. Ned Cannon
To hearty cheers from all involved, the winkus erupted, spraying fecal matter against the faux leather seat of the Ford Taurus.
by Horus Perineum, PhD April 11, 2003
1. Gay alpha male bent on physical, emotional, and mental domination of others
"Dr. Thompson denied the charges, as always, and used the occasion of Ginsberg's death to denounce him as a dangerous bull-fruit with the brain of an open sore and the conscience of a virus."
by Horus Perineum, PhD September 16, 2003
1. A mammoth unwiped male anus hovering in the sky over any given major metropolitan area. 2. The reflection of society.
"One morning, instead of a sun, The Eye of Molloch rose into the sky. We fell to our knees in fear while it blurped and oozed its way across the heavens before disappearing again to the east. Most of us forgot that day, but not I. No, not I."
by Horus Perineum, Phd June 02, 2003
1. The expulsion of anal pear and accompanying detritus during gargantuan anal orgasm.
"Walt screamed in horror and ecstacy as his anus erupted in orgasm. Without warning, the nose cone-shaped dildo exploded into the air and struck Juanita directly in her left eye, horribly blinding it forever. It was another tragic case of blowback."
by Horus Perineum, Phd June 02, 2003
1. The imaginary love hole of she-males and pillow biters. 2. The female perineum; or space between bunghole and pussy.
Ralphetta tucked her tackle between her legs, lifted her hairy butt in the air and cried, "Have me in the vaganus, fellas! Vaganus all around!"
by Horus Perineum, PhD March 20, 2003
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