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3 definitions by Horus

The stripping of enamel from the teeth, caused by prolonged meth smoking. The teeth, lacking enamel, then rot at a much faster rate, often turning black and infecting the gums.
I saw all kinds of meth mouth at the Iowa State Fair.
by Horus March 15, 2006
Used to describe the long-term affects on someone who uses crank (methamphetmine). Often the person will be sickly skinny, with dark circles around their eyes, cuts and scabs in varying parts of their body and look, sometimes drastically, prematurely aged.
"When I came back into town I was gonna hit up Steph, but she looks horrible now man, a real crank monster."

"Yeah dude she used to be hot..."
by Horus November 09, 2005
Verbal abbreviation for Pin-Cushion, used mainly in Central New Mexico to refer to a female that all your homeboys have slept with.

"Ay, there go that one broad, she a walkin' PC, I'ma holla ata...AY, AY GIRL AY."
by Horus November 04, 2005