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A place of congregation for local gangsters, usually in the form of a circular shaped outdoor green area. Also known as, "The Circle".

The first official Gulmul ever established is in East London, between Varden & Ashfield Street.

*Also referred to as the "Mulgul" by certain self-proclaimed freelance gangsters.
"Oi boys, everybody meet at the Circle."

Fishy: "Where you at?"
Mickey: "Im in Gulmul with Mustak"
by HornyFlakes55 April 15, 2009
a super cool guy, who all the boys hate because their girlfriends love him and keep talking about how wonderful he is.
Hillary: "I just love the way he make's us all laugh with his stupidity. He's cute."

Henry: "I wanna kill that hansy pansy!"
by HornyFlakes55 October 05, 2010
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