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When you're trying to get with the hottest girl at the party and some asshole with a guitar shows up and plays some sappy song, for example "How to Save a Life," that melts her panties right off.
"Is Woody getting with that hot chick?"
"Nah, man, the 'guitar hero' just Frayed him."
"That sucks, maybe we should join a band or something."
by Horace Longwood March 20, 2007
Hunting down girls on Facebook, Myspace, Friendster etc. Sometimes can come with a stalking charge. Please no one over 35 attempt to webass.
"What you been up to?"
"Just web-assing on Myspace. I'm talking to these two chicks, one of them looks like the elf from Lord of the Rings!"
"That was a dude."
"Oh...Well fuck you she's still hot."
by Horace Longwood April 01, 2007
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