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Hunting down girls on Facebook, Myspace, Friendster etc. Sometimes can come with a stalking charge. Please no one over 35 attempt to webass.
"What you been up to?"
"Just web-assing on Myspace. I'm talking to these two chicks, one of them looks like the elf from Lord of the Rings!"
"That was a dude."
"Oh...Well fuck you she's still hot."
by Horace Longwood April 01, 2007
Doing homework on WebAss(Webassign) and murkin' dat shit
Yo I'd love to come to the club tonight but I'm Webassing with Julia and were gonna murk dat shit nigga.
by T-Ryan December 02, 2007
doing shit on webassign (as above) but keep on typing in webassing to find (webassign) because it feels like shit to do and have ass on tha mind
Got shit to do, fucking webassing this hoe right now
by tacocabron July 17, 2008
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