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A person who starts doing drugs and joins a group of people who are heavily into that drug(s) already. Then after a short while, leaves the group because they can't keep up with the group's high level of partying.
Joe - Hey Keith, who's that kid who was at your apartment last night in the corner tweaking out?

Keith - Oh, thats just some interlooper we met the other day. He won't last long partying with us.

Joe - I hope he doesn't od trying to keep up with us.
by Hopie Elle March 17, 2008
The act of chillin with your bros.
Joe: What you doin tonight?

Ashley: Just broin at the crib.
by Hopie Elle March 10, 2009
A Funeral Treatment is when you're driving and someone is tailgating you and you slow down to very low speed, causing a line of traffic to build behind you. This makes it look very similar to a Funeral Procession. It doesn't have to be tailgating, you can give someone the funeral treatment for any reason.
Joe: Damn, this guy is riding my ass, I keep giving him a break check and he still won't back up.

Mike: Give him a funeral treatment, then he'll back off.

Joe: Speed limit is 30, I'll give him a 10mph treatment, that should piss him off.
by Hopie Elle March 03, 2009
Someone who doesn't swing their arms while they're walking, but keeps them straight up and down, thus it looks like they're carrying suitcases.
Did you see that new secretary in the office? She would be totally hot if she didn't have a major case of suitcase arms.
by Hopie Elle February 03, 2009

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