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1)The funniest fucker ever.
2)The british tom green, however, funnier cause this man knows how to "diggity check himself before he wrecks himself"
3)"Respect" to ali and the pun-a-ni
4)HBO cut him off cause he was too funny
"Hey billy, Lets go wear some tommy gear."
"Dawg dont run on Ali's style. Ya gots to respect."
by Hooman December 12, 2003
The greatest band since 1990
They make crazy shit that makes my balls tingle differently in every cd.
They come from Omaha, Nebraska.
Three Eleven, Three three Eleven.
"311 is amazing."
"Yes they are amazing."
"Lets go to an amazing concert."
"Yes, 311 is playing tonight"
by Hooman December 11, 2003
A superhero
Hooman is such a pansie. I'd do him.
by Hooman December 11, 2003
1) Small Penis'd fucks
2) Fagzillas
3) Teachers who give too muRch work
1) Wow thats nothing like what my jewish boy friend has
2) "Oh natzi, do u like it in this hole!?"
3)"Thanks for the paper adolf"
by Hooman December 12, 2003
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