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The mysterious inborn quantum-like power baby dykes have to project sexuality instantaneously over any distance.

Baby dyke sex rays can be transmitted in person, over the telephone, via text message, via email, regular post, or even - some would argue - thought itself. The transmission of the sex rays may be intentional or accidental on the part of the baby dyke.

Upon striking most any more mature / experienced lesbian, the sex rays have the effect of an profoundly potent aphrodesiac, and can also foster feelings of protectiveness, friendship, and love.

It should be noted that while some very few lesbians are almost completely immune, most are not, and will usually succumb to the sex rays eventually whether they want to or not.
Dyke 1: I'm going out with Jessica later.
Dyke 2: Dude... She's like 19!!
Dyke 1: I know... I know... She got me with the baby dyke sex rays!
by Honor January 20, 2006
A Proxy is the authority to represent another person or entity... Especially in the capacity of voting issues, such as on a board of directors.

This authority can be granted willingly, (as in the case of someone who cannot attend a meeting sending another to vote in her place) or unwillingly (such as in the case of a parent's authority over the affairs of a child. It can be granted with or without limitation ("Go to the meeting and vote yes on the takeover, for all my shares." or "The Executor is granted any and all reasonable powers necesary to manage and maintain the estate of Jonh, while he is in his coma.")

A parent, for instance, holds an automatic right of proxy in certain interests of her child. The child need not and cannot make decisions not granted her by her parent, because the parent has the legal authority to make those decisions for the child.

When something is done or decided by proxy, it means the actual effort of action, and sometimes the decision, was made by someone else.
Jennifer will hold my proxy for all voting issues that arise during the course of this series of meetings... Because I'm going to Aruba!
by Honor July 07, 2005
Language designed to sound like something without actually saying anything... Deliberately so ambiguous or watered-down as to be essentially meaningless.
Republicans are in favor of "Strong Family Values"
by Honor February 26, 2005
Any judge who interprets the law in a way that recognizes and guarantees someone else constitutional or legal rights in a manner of which you don't approve.

An "activist judge" is a judge who petulantly refuses make everyone else live under the rules of -your- religion.
How dare those Activist Judges suggest that homosexuals are people, too!?! The constitution clearly says that it protects all people -except- people who are different from me... Wait a second. Where's my pencil...?

The constitution says "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." Note that it doesn't say "heterosexual, white, christian person". There are no 'activist judges'.
by Honor February 13, 2008
The sin of the Godomite.

Someone who's become so deliriously happy with having god up their own ass that they try to forcibly shove god up your ass as well.

Godomy is not religion-specific... It refers to ass-rape performed using any dietic being as an insturment of displeasure.
Jim: Why, you're walking a little funny today, Bob.
Bob: *whimpers* Godomy. Ow.

Jim: Wow... Did you hear what Pat Robertson and President Bush said today?
Bob: I did. That was some serious godomy.
by Honor January 20, 2006
Born of the typical male concept that the size of one's male sexual organ detirmines one's attractiveness, intelligence, strength, prowess, social status, and overall value in life, the size of one's "internet penis" is a handy, unified measure of one's cumulative internet je ne sais quoi... how large one looms on the vast virtual landscape of the interwebs.

Internet Penis size can be effected by the uberness of one's computer, skills/skillz, general knowledge and the ability to bring it to bear in forums and chat rooms, or any other quality that causes those around you to react along the lines of "woah. pwnage."

Synonymous with e-penis

+5 if used in jest, -15 if used seriously.
You're the only one in the forum who knew how to get the unix server back online, how to make Dreamweaver sort my stylesheets correctly, where to get the latest photoshop plug-ins, -and- how to get past level 66 in "Legend of Binkly". Your internet penis is -huge-.
by Honor March 25, 2006
A self-identified lesbian or dyke who happens to have been born with the birth defect of a wholly or semi-operative penis.

This term can sometimes be applied to such a person after said birth defect has been altered by means of corrective surgery, but is more appropriate before such repairs have been undertaken.
As 'John', she was able to pass as a straight man, but now, as 'Joanne', she's an out transdyke.
by Honor March 14, 2005

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