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Acronym for "back in a bit". An alternative is bbiab. Used on chat programs, such as AIM, IRC, etc..
<Person1> Hello!
<BusyPerson> Sorry, can't talk now, biab!
<Person1> *grumble&
by Talrias June 23, 2004
An internet acronym for Back In A bit. Used when you will be gone too long to use brb
biab gonna do the laundry
by cloakanddagger June 23, 2004
Be Back In A Bit - used in internet chat rooms when leaving the keyboard for a while
Im popping out i'll bbiab
by Jon June 25, 2004
Meaning back in a bit. But now can be accepted as just bye.
<dlab> nn
<chedder_> biab sex master dlab
by Dakman / The_Wraith April 02, 2005
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