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A very special creature. A hybrid between a human and a koala bear. Very beautiful pretty eyes mean but nice. (Like a sour patch kid firts they are sour then they are sweet). Papeens are a very elusive creature lost for hundreds of years. If one shall ever encounter a papeen be aware for they are dangerous but if one happens to catch one keep it for its the best thing to ever happen in life.
Dude I saw a papeen for the first time and I lost my shit!
by honestdave March 06, 2014
An adjective and acronymn. stands for Stupid And Poor. Usually in reference to someone who is annoying, unoriginal, and pretends to fit it.
Juan is so full of BS.
Yea, he is so SAP.
by HonestDave April 06, 2010
an acronym for fake and gay.
loser 1: you think that video was real? cuz it looks realistic.
loser 2: dude! that video was F.A.G.
by HonestDave April 11, 2010

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