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1. Tunckle- to tickle with ones tongue, normally in a sexual way.
oh,yeah baby! tunckle my butt pucker!!!
by Honest Dave February 20, 2009
1.Murkster: A person who is obssesed/attracted to animal butts.

2.Murkster: A person (usually male) who is attracted to butt-ugly people.
"Billy likes to sniff dog butts! what a Murkster!"

"Dude, that chick is ugly, you are such a Murkster"

by Honest Dave February 10, 2009
1.Jasperate- When a man posses a tear in his urethra and ejaculates, expelling a mixture of blood and seman.

2.Jasperate- Something that really hurts, and equally embarassing.
"Did you hear what happened to Mary? Billy totally Jasperated on her back!"

"Dude, when i got my dick chopped off it was jasperate."
by Honest Dave February 11, 2009

1.Abcdef-Incredibly easy or convenient; an action or decision that required little or no thought/creativity/effort on your part.

2.Abcdef-Lacking creativity or style.
"Choosing between the Lil Wayne and the Pink concert was totally Abcdef!"

"Your essay is so boring. Really Abcdef, man."
by Honest Dave February 11, 2009

1.Spoog- A musical artist (band, rapper, etc) that is no longer popular.

2.Used to describe a person that is not popular among his peers or the community.
"Lil Wayne is such a spoog"

"Billy just kicked a puppy!He is a total spoog"
by Honest Dave February 10, 2009

1. Scant- Combination of "so can't" to add emphasis to something negative.
Billy wanted me to go to his party and I said "I Scant go to your stupid party!"
by Honest Dave February 19, 2009

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