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Best horror trilogy of all time--both in fan approval and in box office muscle. Anyone with an IQ over 120 should be able to see that.
Scream Trilogy beat the shit outta Jason and Michael and Freddy's movies wuh-huh? YEP!
by Homme Bik March 10, 2004
Goddess actress who all mortals shall bow down to in awe
Wow look at that Neve Campbell. A Goddess on earth!
by Homme Bik March 10, 2004
God of horror and the macabre. All other horror directors pale in comparison (See "John Carpenter") to the great Wes. Responsible for some of the greatest contributions to horror cinema past, present, and all the future.
Hey look at who is kissing Wes Craven's ass! Its John Carpenter, the washed-out hack!
by Homme Bik March 10, 2004
Horse who bucked the idiot known as christopher reeve off, breaking his back, hilariously.
Eastern Express beat down Christopher Reeve hahaha
by Homme Bik March 11, 2004

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