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A "wannabe" gangster who is starting at the bottom by picking on little kids, usually imitating the style of famous rappers but failing to uphold the attitutde due to homosexual antics.

See. Layhooser, wangster
Did you check out that Layhoon over there? He is sags so much that he doesn't even realize that he lost his pants 5 minutes ago.
by Homestead August 13, 2003
One who tries to immitate the antics of Layhoon but fails to reach the Layhoon standard by being hetrosexual or not as annoying.
That Layhooser over there spilled my soda, but he said sorry as he walked by.
by Homestead August 13, 2003
The greatest tactical-operations player...EVER

see SHEraser
You are good, but not quite as good as Eraser
by Homestead August 13, 2003
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