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A crazy website that is funny for no reason. It rocks, but science has yet to find out why. Who ever made it was reallllllly creative. And he must be cool, no koool. Addictively funney, should make a movie.
I checked out Homestarrunner.com and found it to be funney for no reason. I'm hooked.
by Homefrog February 17, 2004
Good for some dumbass. A term used loosely to say sure <sarcasm> have fun <same> or even go screw a wild llama on the plains of Africa with a llama poser on your monkeys brain potion.
"I eat monkey meat" Francis (not you, goes to Glasgow)
"GFSD!" Nathan (might just be you! Wow!)
by Homefrog February 19, 2004
A homefrog is a frog that is cool. Kinda in the fasion of Home Star Runner, but cooler. Calling some one Homefrog means they are the apifiny of culture, coolness, hipness, and the last mango in paris.
I'd be stupid if I wasn't Homefrog.
Wassup homefrog
by Homefrog October 29, 2003
Friday, ahhhhh sweet friday. End of the week. And as we all know, Fridays are pants optional days!
"Streaker" Bob yelled, "Bam, I got shot!"
"Don't worry Fridays are pants optional!"
"And medikare will help, if you pay Bush!
by Homefrog February 19, 2004
Some crazy word from the people that made sup. Can mean yes, or wow. Also a random word used when no other can work.
Yo SHidigidy is a random word
by Homefrog January 29, 2004
A day when kids go out and collect candy. Many kids dress up and reflect upon their parents. Others are so ugly, they are made, by the goverment, to wear a mask the entire year. Hobos can rely on the food to last thier life span.
Hey, Homefrog, you going trick or trating this year.
by Homefrog October 29, 2003
A loser with no self image and no life at all. Or an exquisit food prepared with the hair of cartman. Or to kill the evil biotch CARTMAN
Man I hate showoffs I kill
by Homefrog October 29, 2003
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