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Biggest Mistake of Your Life. Typically used to express your disapproval of something someone said or did. Also can be used as a strong form of advice.
Person 1: Hey guess what! I just got an email from some guy in Nigeria that said I could inherit millions!!
Person 2: Please tell me you didn't give him your info...
Person 1: Yeah I did why?
Person 2: BMYL

Person 1: Hey I just sold my Subaru for a Honda
Person 2: BMYL
by HolmesCT September 20, 2011
A "playful" offensive term similar to "Jerkface". Often used against someone in a derogatory manner. This word can be easily adapted to an individual's arsenal of "FACE" insults.
Person 1: "These cats are bothering me!"
Person 2: "Your FACE is bothering me!"
Person 1: "Damn it Person 1 you're such a FACEMONGER"
by HolmesCT March 15, 2010
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