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(v) to commit homicide on a woman that you have impregnated. Whereby the unborn child and mother are both killed.
Man, if my baby momma doesn't start being nice to me I'm gonna Scott Peterson that broad.
by Hollandmania July 06, 2005
(v) The act of playing multiple Nickleback songs, back to back, on a jukebox before exiting an establishment.

Typically done to an establishment with poor service and a bad crowd. Works best on an internet jukebox with the "Play Next" option.
The bartender was a dick and the place was full of hipsters so I paid my tab, dropped a $10 in the jukebox and Nicklebombed the fuck outta that bar.
#nickleback #bomb #jukebox #internet #songs
by HollandMania January 12, 2012
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