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(v) to commit homicide on a woman that you have impregnated. Whereby the unborn child and mother are both killed.
Man, if my baby momma doesn't start being nice to me I'm gonna Scott Peterson that broad.
by Hollandmania July 06, 2005
A guy who's wife disappeared. Later, she mysteriously turns up in the bay exactly where he was at the time of her disappearance. When they find her body, he's picked up near the border of Mexico with survival equipment, a bunch of cash, and Viagra.
Scott Peterson obviously was responsible for his wife's death. Don't be stupid.
by The Truth April 01, 2005
A hateful person that killed his wife and unborn son because she knew he was cheating on her
Scott peterson is a sick man
by Jay December 20, 2004
Narcissist, murderer and sociopath.
That guy seems like a possible Scott Peterson.
by Stella Lafayette December 03, 2004
Yet another thing to yell during Halo 2. When someone gets a double kill they're supposed to yell "Scott Peterson, double kill" because we all know that Scott Peterson killed his wife and unborn child. It can Also be used when betraying 2 team members.
I was crouching around the corner and 2 n00bs ran by... SCOTT PETERSON, DOUBLE KILL!
by Anthony PasaWHA! February 12, 2006
Proof that justice and money are synonymous in this capitalistic society.
Man, I can't kill her, I ain't got O.J. money, I got Scott Peterson money- do it yourself!
by Demetric June 27, 2005
fucking dick who murdered his wife and unborn child because he was secretly a fag
dude 1: did you hear about Scott Peterson?
dude 2: yeah, what a fucking dick!
by puss eater July 26, 2009
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