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A fat kid from school...he smells bad and thinks he's black. Tends to wear the same shirt three days in a row. See also scrub, wanksta.
X: "Yo, wazz up mah nigga?"
Me: "What the hell? You aren't black. You're a fat white kid!"
by Hmm August 12, 2003
hottest man alive, don't you think?
yummm would you like some?
by hmm January 30, 2005
a person who "takes the spirit of pcc" a wee bit too far
My god he's such a pcc kid. I heard he sat at his mailbox for 5 months waiting for his video.
by hmm February 19, 2005
Racist word for a Jewish person, although it be the german word for it.
Was written on the arm bands forced to wear by the Jewish people in the Holocaust.
I was called a "jude" yesterday.
by hmm April 04, 2004
a school located in Marion, MA where one can only survive if they pop their collar, sport a pair of uggs, wear either jcrew or ralph lauren polo, and act extremely fake.
Ex. A: Student-Oh hi Jane! (3 minutes later) Wow she is having the worst hair day ever, shes such a whore, and her uggs are a gross shade of blue EEW

Ex. B: Like hello!? where are your polo sweaters and collared shirts??
by hmm December 19, 2004
drunk, buzzed, under the influence of alcohol
drinking a lot of alcohol and being really tipsy and drunk...youd be jaded
by hmm December 07, 2004

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