27 definitions by Hmm

(N)dago + negroe
1. a black that acts Italian
2. an Italian that acts black
3. a person that is a mix between an Italian and a black, such as Prince and Alicia Keys
You're not a wigger, you're a dagroe!
by hmm April 19, 2005
Someone who can eat Pikachu alive, just give him enough soy sauce
by hmm September 28, 2003
by hmm November 13, 2002
Irrate Rednecks Against Queer Indians
I am a member of the IRAQI, so go away
by hmm April 19, 2005
It's how people on the Internet make a Kirby!
Tee Hee Kirbly is so cute! <(^.^<)
by hmm April 16, 2005
1) One who has been transformed for the worse or the better by the influence of his girlfriend.

2) Troy Sargent
Man that guy is so pussy whiped.
by Hmm January 05, 2004
1. the shaved pubic area of the woman
2. see also landing strip
Wow she kept that runway lookin so hot
by Hmm May 05, 2004
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