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the exclamation said by one who has acquired Caek, Caek may be gotten (GET) or consumed (EET)
by Hikaru April 06, 2003
The post fellatio act of withdrawing the member immediately preceding ejaculation, followed by the expulsion of semenal fluid upon the face of one's coital partner. Warning: may cause blood-shot eyes.
To Young Lady in a Club:

You have a beautiful face my dear. May I boom ra it?
by Hikaru March 19, 2004
some people do take these things litteraly and some dont i dont but some people at our school do
"they will turn out to be sluts when they grow up wont they"

"probably its not like they are virgins right now"
by hikaru May 19, 2004
a gereral purpose term used when no other word is avaible such as "um", it is given emphasis by the number exclamation points added after it and whether or not it is capitolized. the number 1 may be added after the third !
commonly used by Klokwurk and AlysWhitil at Gamefaqs.com in place of "bump"
you parents just gave you a new power Mac "Vootie!!!"
by Hikaru April 06, 2003
that which is sought by AlysWhitil, Klokwurk and Vibrobunny
I gots all the Muffins!
by Hikaru April 06, 2003
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