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The act of pulling your pants down, tucking your penis and testicles between your legs and behind your buttocks, then bending down to touch your toes while showing your bundled gonads and ass crack. Looks simliar to a large eye, large forheaded, long nosed cartoon character.
Kevin is in the hospital...should we send him a fruit basket?
by Higgy October 06, 2004
Azlegamer {n}

A common misunderstanding that this particuluar human is that he is good at CS. In fact, he is quite poor at it. And anything he touches dies. Including his own penis.
Azlegamer! Free kills!
by Higgy December 19, 2004
When a man puts his cock, and both balls in a girl's mouth all at once.
She likes the tea bag, but this time she took my dick in her mouth too... making it a three-piece suit.
by Higgy January 17, 2004
A person or animal lacking pigment in their skin cells. They are rarely found in packs or playing sports. They are skill in doing impressions of Mr. Mackey from South Park and are often offended when asked the color of their pubic hair. Sometimes found setting beside you in High School engineering classes.
Me: Kyle what color are your pubes?
Kyle: What do you think?
Me: I'm leaning towards honey brown, but I have my doubts.
Kyle: I'm albino you pill popping jizz rag.
by Higgy June 11, 2005

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