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A person who is a mix of being both of a black race, and asian.

Tony is totally blasian!
by HeyMom March 12, 2009
A middle school located in Satellite Beach, Florida. Where the teachers are lazy and dont teach you anthing. Where the girls are all sluts and whores. Where the boys are all nerds or total players. Where the boys basketball team sucks, but the girls team is actually pretty good.

Their are tons of suspenses at DeLaura, wheather is be for drugs, violent,going down the street to McDonalds, etc. There are also tons of dress codes for short shirts and flip flops(um... hello... were on the beach!)

Kid 1: That girl is a total slortch!
Kid 2: Yeah.. shes from DeLaura Middle School!
Kid 1: Well that explains it.

by HeyMom March 21, 2009

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