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The best band ever.
Man Depeche Mode kicks the ass of most of this so-called music they make now.
by Hexenhammer November 02, 2009
Although this Facebook-based game should be considered one of the most girly, depravingly gay things ever concocted for the pop culture obsessed tween female genre, it is as addictive as heroin and almost as entertaining as getting into a jeep and running people down, obsessing over Grand Theft Auto.
Pet Society is so addictive I stopped drinking water for half a day playing it and ended up in the hospital.
by Hexenhammer December 27, 2009
A particular kind of seed often used for its psychedelic LSA content.

MG seeds contain Lysergic Acid Amide, a drug similar in physical structure to LSD, but much more mild.

Described in detail by Youtuber Botany101
Morning Glory can get you seriously high man.
by Hexenhammer November 02, 2009
Satan when spelled by a dyslexic.
Satan, oh I mean Santa, is coming to town.
by Hexenhammer December 23, 2009

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