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3 definitions by Herschaft

A product put out by Cinco, the Privacy Helmet is specially designed so that the user's roommate can have sex in his or her dorm room in complete privacy, while the subject using the helmet is still in the roommate's presence. The helmet emits a deafening sound and blinding mace in order to ensure the user does not sneak a peek at the sexual activity taking place in the dorm room.
I'll do you a solid, bro...you two can bang in the dorm, and I'll wear the Cinco Privacy Helmet.
by Herschaft May 13, 2010
20 3
Determining the depth of a body of water using one's crutch.
Crutch depth is only a few feet, we will be able to ford the river!
by Herschaft March 20, 2010
4 0
The main psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis plant.(Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol; marijuana
Sheeeeit man, this Delta-9 has got me high as a motherfucker!
by Herschaft November 14, 2006
7 22