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Common Jamaican/Patois adjective describing something that is compellingly sturdy, strong, massive or fearless. Of or having overpowering proportions. Physically capable.

from "ewe talala."
Rasta #1: "No call alligator 'long mouth' 'til you pass him."
Rasta #2: "Most of mi bredren is bans massive, one-one oht fi pon dem tallowah."
#tallowa #tallawah #talawa #talowah #talala #ewe talala
by Heroic Flow June 06, 2007
1. the heights
2. a greeting
3. the color red (1) great (2)
4. another word for irie. Or you use it to mean "OK" as in when someone asks you to do something
for you, you would reply, "Ites."
Rasta #1: Pass the dutchie pon di left-and side.
Rasta #2: ites mi bredren.

Rasta#1: "Getcho rhatid raggamuffin batty out of di guttah and up to di ites witcha bredren."
Rasta #2: "An a jus Lass nite mi dideh."
#aightes #ites #aights #aight #irie
by Heroic Flow June 06, 2007
To exit or flee an place, gathering, or event.
Similar to the word "bounce."
Bigger Crew Boss: "Why don't you fellas stick around for a little while?"
Smaller Crew Boss: "Nah. We gotsta flex."
#bounce #peace #leave #exit #flee
by Heroic Flow June 06, 2007
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