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1 definition by HellsCook

Circuit City's single brand approach for computer repair/setup/upgrades(on-line, in-home, and in-store), in-home entertainment setup, and car audio/video installation. The proper usage is always with a lowercase f except when used as the first word of a sentence. They are not nearly as well equipped as their main competition Geek Squad, however the company is pushing technicians to become Microsoft Certified in the XP and Vista operating sytems. No hardware certifications are planned (which they desperately need).

They will charge as much as people are willing to put up with, which is apparently a lot. Technicians that know their stuff are bullied into quitting or are flat out fired on bogus charges. This helps keep profits high because less knowledgeable technicians will push every service offered rather than a $30 quick fix.
I was ordered by my District firedog Manager to push in-home service on everything, even though 2 hours includes the trip and broken shit doesn't exactly fly.

Firedog doesn't have any respect for it's technicians, only profits.

Oh noes! Firedog eated my money and didn't fix shit!
by HellsCook May 18, 2008
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