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n. Similar to narcolepsy, an ailment where you find yourself suddenly very drunk\ you commonly go from zero to fucked up in quick fashion
"Did you see Brad fall up the stairs? He was fine a minute ago" "He's had a lot of Cold Duck Champagne and his Darkolepsy is flaring up"
#narcolepsy #drunk #shitty #dark #drinking
by HelloNasty January 03, 2009
adj. Something that is really good at being what it is; a substitution for the underlying adjective.
"That girl is granny" (hot)
"This pie is granny" (tasty)
#good #great #hot #tasty #yes
by HelloNasty January 03, 2009
The state of being really drunk. Similar to "blacking out"
"I'm dark as night" or "Let's get dark on the darkest day of the year (Dec. 21)"
#drunk #blacked out #fucked up #shitty #shitfaced
by HelloNasty January 03, 2009
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