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A brutal death metal band from Brazil

Alex Camargo - Vocals, Bass
Moyses Kolesne - Guitar
Max Kolesne - Drums

Works include albums such as "Conquerors of Armageddon" and "Works of Carnage", and their 2004 EP "Bloodshed"
Krisiun is a sick blend of speed and fury!
by Hellhammer November 12, 2006
A brutal/technical death metal band from California. Their masterpiece "Brutality Is Law" is a legendary album in the world of underground brutal death metal
Severed Savior is the most brutal band I know!
by Hellhammer November 12, 2006
Masterbating out of shame
I was shame-jerking in gym showers trying to clear my mind of what happened last night
by hellhammer February 02, 2015
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